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May 2023 - Bar's paper got accepted to publication in Science Advances

May 2023 - Jonathan paper was accepted to JECCR!!

Feb 2023 - Sankar Paper was accepted to Cancer Research!!

Oct 2022 - Sankar finished his successful PostDoc position in the lab

Oct 2022 - Divya Marripati join the lab

Oct 2022 - Ragda Abu Sherb join the lab

Aug 2022 - We got the BSF with Prof. Silvio Gutkind 

Feb 2022 - Congradulation Manu for the JITC paper

Jan 2022 - Manu departure to his postdoc at MSKCC!!

2021 - Crazy year- 13 papers and two grants 

Sept 2021 - Congratulation Ofra for contributing for the paper published in PNAS

Aug 2021 - After 6 years our lab manager Limor Cohen moved to the Industry

Jun 2021 - Elkabets lab received the ISF for 5 years 

May2021 - Elkabets lab received the DKFZ-MOST for 3 years 

May 2021 - Congratulation Eeden for your first author paper in Bioen. Transl.Med

May 2021 - Congratulation May for your 3rd first author paper

April 2021 - Congratulation Jonnatan and Ksenia for the paper with Kost lab

March 2021 - Congratulation Manu for the paper with Kost lab

March 2021 - My mentor Jose Baselga died..:-(

Jan 2021 - Joint project with Porgdaor - Congrats Ksenia for additional contribution  

Nov 2020 - a Joint project with China was funded by the ISF- NSFC

Oct 2020 - We received an internal grant funding donated by the Brigita Family

Oct 2020 - Ofra Novoplansky's paper in collaboration with Mavhash Tavasoli from King's college London was accepted. 

Sept 202 - We received  a Donation from Gary Zimmerman to develop drug for Esophagus cancer  

Sept 2020 - Mai Badarni's paper with Aviram Mizrachi group was accepted to publication.

May 2020 - Joint project with Dr. Alina Karabchevsky and my student Jonathan Zorea was accepted for publication. 

May 2020 - Moshe received the 2020-2021 BGU/Philadelphia Academic Bridge grant for travel award

March 2020 - Moshe and Yuri Fridman received a joint internal grant

Feb 2020 - Ksenia's paper was accepted
Jan 2020 - January started with a rain of great news.. three new papers in two weeks on
                   pubmed,  Congrats Manu & Sankar, Etti and Jonathan.

Dec 2019 - We celebrated a productive 2019 with 11 papers and two new babies  

Dec 2019 - Moshe got the promotion for an Associate Prof.

Nov 2019 - Congrats Manu and Sankar for the paper in JoVE

Nov 2019 - Etti's review with Dr. Cooks was accepted for publication in CII
Oct 2019 - Avital Shnerb Join the lab

Aug 2019 - Mai Badarni received the VATA fellowship for excellent Ph.D student

July 2019 - Ksenia Yagodayev received the Biotech fellowship for Ph.D student 

June 2019 - Liju V.B received the Kraitman postdoctoral fellowship

June 2019 - Mai Badarni, Jonathan Zorea and Ofra Novoplanski received  the faculty 
                    award for excellent research

May 2019 - Three joint projects with Porgadors', Rotblat' and Frifreld's group were
                   accepted for publication. Congrats Jonathan, and Manu.

May 2019 - Ksenia Yagodayev received the Dean Prize!!!.. tradition of academic 
                   excellency in our lab!!! 
May 2019 - Ksenia and Manu spend few days in a conference in Tibilisi, Georgia  

April 2019 - A review in Trends in Cancer was accepted!! Congrats Sankar and Manu

March 2019 - Sankar got the competitive Israel-india postdoc fellowship!!! 

March 2019 - Another paper was accepted to JCI Insight!! congrats Mai, Manu, Noa, 
                       Limor  and all lab members

Jan 2019  -  The best month ever!! 4 papers were accepted this Jan!! Congrats for
                    Susmita (Frontiers in Oncology), Manu (Collaboration with Rotblat's lab - in                          Cancers), Ofra (International Journal of Cancer and my self (Clinical Cancer                        Research).... such a great production by our group!!

Jan 2019 - Ksenia got married!!!  

Dec 2018 - We hired a talented research assistant Etti Azulay

Dec 2018 - A new student Hezi Beniacar joined the lab

Nov 2018 - A joint project with Kost's lab was funded by the minister of health

Nov 2018 - A joint project with Angel funded by the Israel Innovation Authority 

Nov 2018 - An amazing oral presentation by Sumita Ghosh at the HNC meeting

Sept 2018 - Zorea's paper has been accepted to Cell. Death and Disease

Sept 2018 - Sankar Jagadeeshan received  the Kritman postdoctoral fellowship 

Sept 2018 - Sankar Jagadeeshan joined the lab as a postdoc

Sept 2018 - Joantan Zorea received the Negev Fellowship  

Aug 2018 - Moshe received the Toronto Prize

July 2018 - Mai Bdarny received the Biotech Ph.D scholarship
July 2018 - Dr. Elkabets received the Concern Foundation

July 2018 - Dr. Elkabets received  the BSF-startup- with Jose Baselga and Murizio Scaltriti

May 2018 - Sapit Tzadok joined the lab

April 2018 - Ofra Novoplansky awarded for the Dean Prize

Feb 2018 - Ofra Novoplansky awarded for Biotech Ph.D fellowship

Nov 2017 - Ofra Novoplansky and Mai Brdany - Oral presentation at the annual HN cancer conference.  

Oct 2017 - Noa Balban and Ksenia Yegodayev join the lab for a M.Med.Sc degree

July 2017 - Dr. Elkabets received RCDA- ICRF 

June 2017 - Dr. Karabchevsky and Dr. Elkabets received the ENG-MED grant  

May 2017 - Dr. Elkabets and Prof. Itzhak Avital established Translation Research Hub

March 2017 - Elkabets lab received the INCPM grant

Feb 2017 - Moshe received Teva's founder Prize for excellent research 

Feb 2017 - Elkabets lab spent 4 days in Ilanit 2017 (Eilat)

Jan 2017 - Elkabets lab received the Israel Cancer Association 

Dec 2016 - Jonatan Zorea won a multidisciplinary fellowship with Dr. Yoav Hadar 

Dec 2016 - Mai Bdarny won a VATT M.Sc fellowship

Sep 2016 - Anastasia Chilikov joined the lab

Aug 2016 - Jonatan Zorea, Mai Bdarny, and Noa Balaban joined the lab.

July 2016 - Moshe received ISF and ISF-equipment grants 

June 2016 - Moshe received the Alon Fellowship

April 2016 - Neta Sror join the lab as a research technitian 

April 2016 - Elkabets' laboratory join to the Evolution Genomic Medicine group  at BGU.
March 2016 - Ofra Novoplansy join the group as a master student.
Jan 2016 - BioBank of head and neck cancer was established.
Aug 2015 - The laboratory was created.

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